Sofia (aka @YesMsTashi) with a pen in hand, as per usual. 

"Only enemies of joy can stop [Gimme The Loot] now."

- The A.V. Club on our remarkable opening weekend!

Thanks for an AMAZING opening weekend! 
We were the number one per screen box office average of ANY movie that was out in theaters this weekend in the United States. Not bad. Not bad at all!
NEXT UP: World domination.  Or at least taking over the theaters in LA, Philly and Chicago! 

"I feel like graffiti never went away. People may think it somewhat went away because you don’t see it all over the trains like it used to be back in the ’80s, but if you pay close attention you can still see "tags." They’ll write their graffiti name on a postage sticker. We use those in the film as well, they’ll stick them all over the inside of the train."

- Tashiana Washington (aka Sofia), via Paper Magazine

The #GimmeTheLoot soundtrack playlist is on Spotify! Listen up, y’all!

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Photos from location scouting for #GimmeTheLoot.  See the pieces fall into place - catch GTL now at @IFCcenter:

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